Hope Lost, Hope Restored for the LDS Man Struggling with Pornography Addiction

Hope Lost

Hope Restored

For the LDS man struggling with pornography addiction, Help Beyond Our Own teaches that shame and guilt do not motivate. Hope and love motivate. Through the guidance of this book you will learn how to feel hope as you strive, as part of the learning process.



The Doctrine of Hope

Understand how the Savior’s true redeeming power can reach and lift us AS we strive in this life. Learn how the Savior is not waiting at the end to give us a ribbon for doing it all alone, He is with us all along the way.

Learn True Doctrine

Read about how this life is intended to include learning and growing and how this sometimes includes challenges and stumbling. This is not a deviation from the plan – it is part of it. See how the plan makes provision for our mistakes and allows us to benefit from our mistakes without having to be condemned by them.

Fill Your Life With Light

Learn how one secret to this challenge is actually to keep your eye off the ball instead of making it your total focus and letting it define you. Learn how filling your life with light each day instead can bring amazing results.

How To Talk To Your Wife

Your wife, your companion, can be a source of strength if you know how to talk to her and how to include her in the healing process. Wives can read the chapter for them and feel some validation and clarity from her perspective.

Understand Cultural Problems

Our culture tends to use less-helpful attitudes like shame and guilt to “motivate” people to change. Shame and guilt don’t motivate – love and hope do. Read about our cultural situation and better understand why we sometimes feel condemned when the gospel is supposed to be a gospel of peace and love.

Parents & Leaders

Read about how you, as a parent, can think about this issue and how to talk to your child about the issues surrounding pornography in an informed, loving way. As a leader, help the downtrodden and convey the Savior’s love as a first response.

What People Are Saying

Real reviews from Amazon.com

"I'm inspired by this book and the author's insight into how a man can improve his relationship with God to such an extent that not even a serious addiction can hold him back. A book with insightful tips but also with a bigger picture of what needs to happen internally in each person for serious change."

Stanley D. Hall

Provo, UT

"I just finished this book. It is very well written throughout with a lot of great insight. This is one of the best books I have read and the best book I have read on the subject of pornography addiction. This book really is a hope to those who have addiction and is helpful to the spouse as well. But more than that, it opened my mind more clearly of my Savior's love for me."



"As the title suggests, this book helps restore the hope to be found when you turn to Jesus Christ to heal your wounds. The writing is direct, but also compassionate and personable. If you or someone you know needs help addressing the issue of pornography I highly recommend this book."

James Eager



Mark Mauzy, Ph.D.

Mark has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and families in hospital, agency, and private practice. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapy practitioner, as well as a Community Presenter/Trainer in Marital Therapy. As a passionate healer, Mark gives invaluable help to bishops and stake presidents for the youth and men in their care.